In establishing Med For All Global, we aimed to ensure that the disparities among medically underserved communities are lessened. Refusing to accept the current narrative of poverty being a sentence for poor medical care is the first step of the process. Every second is filled with opportunities to create more change. As we roll out new projects, we hope to receive your support and help in maximizing our reach - share with a friend, repost on social media, talk to your neighbor. Your advocacy certainly won't be in vain. We look forward to sharing more with you here!

Wishing you all peace, love, and good health

The experience of the Black academic in science is molded by the constant need to pave new avenues to learn, work, and grow. In seeking opportunities for these academic essentials, a spark of potential does not prove to be enough when there is a clear pattern of who is awarded certain positions and who is not. It does not take...

On Tuesday June 24, 2020, I hosted this webinar sponsored by Count Me In Official. This free webinar was focused on equipping youth organizers and activists with tips, tricks, and overall advice to achieve their change-making goals. If you are a student ( from high school freshman to college senior) who has an interest in rectifying an issue you...

Remember to maintain your best health during this time. We hope you find comfort and relaxation in this meditation exercise by Goodwill.

Al Mansoura


In life, you don't get to choose everything. You don't get to decide where to be born or from which family. poor or rich, in a city or countryside, we all get to start life how fate chooses. However, that can determine a lot of things you face in life-your education, socioeconomic status, health risks, and ability to seek medical...

Food Deserts


Ever since I can remember, my mother and I had a tradition of going grocery shopping together. Escaping the chaos at home, it was the grand excursion of the week - we drove twenty minutes or so and spent time picking out my favorite fruits and veggies. The produce section at this particular supermarket was vast and my mother taught...

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